Q: What vehicles do you service?

A: For repair we currently service the majority of all domestic makes and models produced after the year 2000. For our conversion process we generally service a wider variety of makes and models, however we recommend you call ahead if you do have a unit to convert that is from an import brand.

Q: Do you service motorcycles, boats or PWC?

A: We do not service any sort of gauges or instruments that are potentially exposed to water as part of their day-to-day usage. There's really no equipment that would allow us to guarantee a correctly seated waterproof seal for these modules and as such we do not currently offer and sort of services for them.

Q: Do you service medium/heavy duty vehicles such as semi trucks and farm equipment?

A: Due to the difficulty of finding replacement parts and wiring diagrams, we do not service any medium/heavy duty vehicles that are not built on a common domestic chassis.

Q: Do you service motorhomes?

A: Motorhomes can be difficult at times to find parts for due to the chassis often being several years older than the finished vehicle. For any motorhome inquiries please send us a photo of the instrument cluster so we can determine if it is something we are able to service.

Q: What all do I need to bring to have my instrument cluster serviced?

A: To service your instrument cluster we require the sealed module including the lens and all parts of it. If your module shows up without a lens we will be unable to work on it as the lens protects the calibration of your gauges and return the module without the lens would require the gauges to be recalibrated again.

Q: Do you guys service modules other than instrument clusters?

A: Generally we do not, however there can be a few exceptions such as overhead compasses on select Fords. If you do have questions about other modules feel free to give us a call.

Q: Do you do general auto-electrical diagnosis and repair?

A: We do not. However we'd be more than happy to recommend local shops that specialize in such work.

Q: How long does the conversion or repair process take?

A: Assuming we do not have to order parts for your unit, your instrument cluster will generally leave the same day that it arrives at our facilities. This will vary depending on courier chosen.

Q: What is your warranty policy?

A: Kelowna Instruments backs all of our work with a 1 year warranty. This warranty guarantees that any issues caused by your instrument cluster after it has been to our facility will be taken care of at no cost to the customer. Instrument Clusters that are opened by the customer either before or after it has left our facility are not eligible for warranty and are no longer covered as we cannot guarantee that this opening of the cluster has not caused further or greater damage

Q: What are your business hours?

A: 8AM-400PM

Q: Are you open on the weekend?

A: At this time, Kelowna Instruments is only open Monday-Friday.

Q: Do I need to bring the vehicle?

A: Kelowna Instruments can perform the repair or conversion on your instrument cluster with or without your vehicle. However some repairs we may request your vehicle to ensure that we can properly diagnose your issues and guarantee they will be resolved.

Q: Do you service the United States as well as Canada?

A: Yes we do! If you take a look at our Locations page you'll be able to find the nearest Kelowna Instruments service center that will serve you best.

Q: What is the diagnostic charge?

A: We get tons of instrument clusters where nothing is wrong with the instrument cluster or poor diagnostics have been done that lead to an inaccurate conclusion that our technicians end up spending hours attempting to replicate only to find that it was never the instrument cluster to begin with. As a result of such we've now added a $75 charge on to any instrument cluster that is sent to is. It is important to know that if the instrument cluster is actually in need of repair, the $75 charge will be waived. Otherwise if it turns out that the instrument cluster is not in need of repair you'll be charged the diagnostic charge and the unit will be returned to you.

Q: Are there any additional costs?

A: The customer is only responsible for the costs to repair or convert their instrument cluster and the shipping to and from Kelowna Instruments.